Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the program work?

    It is quite straightforward. We set up your fully functional online pet store. You promote your store and keep all your profit from sales.

  • Who sends the products?

    We ship all products from our warehouses directly to the customers.

  • Who provides customer support to my stores customers?

    Our 24-hour online support team handles all support and order-related requests coming from your customers. We provide phone, online chat, and email support. We are proud ourselves to have 5-star customer support. We make sure everyone is happy and come back for more.

  • Which countries do you ship to?

    We ship worldwide except UK, European Union, and Hong Kong.

  • Who charges the customer? Do I need a payment processor?

    We handle all transactions and chargebacks.

  • How and when do I get paid?

    You get paid the first week of every month for the completed transactions. We support various payment methods like Wise, PayPal and wire transfer.

  • What will be my net profit margin?

    The net margin on your website transactions is 20%.
    The net margin on recurring transactions is 10%.
    The net margin on your sub-store's transactions is 2%.

  • What are product subscriptions / scheduled orders?

    Most of the products we sell are used periodically so on certain products there is a subscribe and save option. These orders are created and charged automatically for the customers on the periods they specified.

  • How much does the shipping cost?

    Shipping is completely free for orders above $50. There is a flat shipping fee of $6.90 for orders under $50. 

  • Do you provide shipping tracking?

    Yes, all orders are shipped with a tracking number. Nothing gets lost.

  • What about returns and chargebacks?

    We handle all of them. Any profit earned by you through these reversed transactions will also be reversed. These are generaly quite rare as we use AI to filter fradulent and suspicious orders.

  • What is a sub-store?

    When you refer to a new store, that store becomes your sub-store and you receive commissions from their sales through their lifetime as well. Your sub-store signup links are automatically placed on your store's footer. You can use that link wherever/however you like to spread the word.

  • Can I issue discount coupons to my visitors? How does this work?

    Yes, you can. On the store settings section of your admin area, you will find the relevant fields to customize your discount coupons. Discount coupons you create are only applicable to first-time orders. You can offer up to a 20% discount, but be mindful that the discounted amount will be deducted from your profit margin. Since a big portion of all customers will place repeat orders on your store it is not a bad idea to get yor customers started with an attractive offer.

  • Can I hve my own affiliates? Can I have a tracking code on my checkout?

    The short answer is yes. For advanced stores we are happy to integrate custom sales trackers on the checkout. Please contact us if you need this feature.

  • What type of reports do I have access in my admin?

    You have access to a full set of reports including your visitor and sales data. For advanced users there is also an option to integrate your own Google Analytics.

  • Can I use my own Google Analytics account for reporting with my store?

    Certainly, you can. We have a field for you to enter your Analytics account ID in the admin area.

  • Can I use my own domain name?

    Yes, you can. Please get in touch with us if you prefer so.

  • Can I customize my store design?

    Yes, you will find a bunch of options in your amin area for further customization. For selected stores we also provide free-of-charge store customization service. For more information please get in touch with your partner manager.

  • Is there a monthly setup or monthly fee?


  • Do you provide support if I have any questions?

    You will have a dedicated account manager which you can contact anytime through email, chat or phone.